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To join a mastermind, you’ll need an invitation. Check your email for your registration link, or you can request an invite.

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Upbiz is the only software that allows business leaders to start and run the most successful mastermind groups from one place.  

Replaces: Zoom, Facebook Groups, Google Docs, Slack, Dropbox, Outlook, LinkedIn, and more

Why Upbiz?

Masterminds provide a transformative platform for growth. Your peer advisory group can be a sounding board for ideas, helping you solve your current challenges, and provide you with insights needed to take your business to the next level. 

Masterminds are only as successful as their members are engaged, which is why Upbiz is always improving the mastermind user experience. Organizations that run their masterminds on Upbiz earn more revenue and save more time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a business leader, CEO, or founder who has a growth mindset, you should be apart of an Upbiz mastermind. Your mastermind is a peer advisory group made up of diverse business leaders at non-competing companies in your same industry. The collected experience of your mastermind is comparable to a super-powerful board of directors. The group organizer along with its members invite other members to join.  If you aren’t invited to a group, think about starting your own mastermind.

There are two types of mastermind groups on the Upbiz platform: self-led and facilitator-led groups. Our facilitators assist the group by helping recruit members, making sure meetings run smoothly and on time, find guest speakers, create meeting agendas, follow-up on action items, and much more. Starting a facilitator-led mastermind will greatly increase your group’s success, ROI, and save a significant amount of time.

Active participation with a helpful attitude is a recipe for success in your mastermind group. If you are leading your own group, we recommend you reference our how to run a successful mastermind guide. This guide will teach you how to use the Upbiz mastermind tools to create recurring Zoom meetings, keep members engaged through mentions and discussions, identify and invite ideal members, create a strong mission statement, maintain a high trust environment, and more.

Pricing is based on your annual revenue. Membership fees starts at $75 per month for early stage startups. Apply now to request pricing.

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